Situated in the Industrial heart land of Satpur and surrounded by lush greenery, located approximately five kilometers from Central Bus Stand between Gangapur and Trimbak Road, Nashik Industries have a Welfare Centre, popularly known as NIWEC, which hardly needs any introduction for the Nasikites.

The present Governing Council renovated the existing Auditorium with modern amenities, best in Nashik, is suitable for Conferences, Educational Workshops, Training Sessions, Meetings, Cultural Programmes etc. The Governing Council further constructed a Mini Utility Centre on the front Lawn where small parties / receptions and other functions alike can be hosted. Two Lawn Tennis Courts are provided with the flood lights to enable the members to play during the night which are also the latest additions.

The Centre encourages sports activities by regularly conducting Tournaments in different sports and also conducts coaching to bring up the talents from the budding youngsters with the help of reputed coaches. The yearly Sports extravaganza “NIWEC OPEN” conducted in the month of December is one of the major attractions. There is active participation from all members. The upcoming talented children get an opportunity to exhibit their talents in various games. This has increased the popularity of these tournaments every successive year.

NIWEC is at the forefront in the cultural activities. The DANDIA RAAS during the Navaratri brings a festive look to NIWEC and is a real crowd puller amongst Nasikites. Musical events like Sangit Sandhya, Mega events of renowned artists, parties and get-togethers have elevated NIWEC to an enviable position.






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